Behind The Scenes Demo Video Showcases IsoAcoustics Audio Isolation

The Demo

Previously, we setup up a demo to compare 2 sets of Focal Sopra N2 speakers, where one set was equipped with GAIA isolators and the other set used standard spikes. The demo brought random participants to a studio setup where we allowed them to switch between each set of speakers using a remote.

The participants were not aware of the nature of the demonstration, set up, or the products involved; enabling them to make their own judgment about what they were hearing. Only the host and the participant were in the room, and the cameras were subtly positioned at a significant distance from the demonstration as to not influence participants.

Their reactions to the changes in sound were then compiled and released in a short video called the IsoAcoustics GAIA Challenge.

We have now released a new behind the scenes version of the GAIA Challenge. On top of showing extended listener reactions, we went more in-depth into how the speakers were accurately setup for fair testing, the testing procedure, and the key trends observed from the test. You can view this video below.

YouTube video


After concluding the testing we were very glad to report that all participants heard a difference between the GAIA isolators and the standard speaker spikes, and noted that 20/21 participants preferred the sound produced by the speakers equipped with the GAIA’s. The most noted differences by listeners were an overall greater clarity and an improvement in spatial sound. Participants also had more to say when describing the change in audio:

“The biggest word I would use is natural.”

“There’s definitely an improvement in clarity.”

“The vocals are coming at me, everything is more centric.”

“It fills up the whole room, I can hear everything. It’s definitely important”

“The vocals became much more focused into the middle of the soundstage.”

Final Comments

Dave Morrison, Founder of IsoAcoustics, commented:

“This exercise was an excellent opportunity to bring together a random mix of people to capture their feedback, comments and reactions in a very comfortable listening environment.

“We wanted to reach beyond the hard-core audiophiles to demonstrate that everyone can enjoy the acoustic benefits of our products, and the overwhelmingly positive response shows we achieved exactly that.”

IsoAcoustics GAIA Awards:


Speakers and components used in Demo:

Focal Sopra N2 Loudspeakers

Naim SuperNait 3

Naim Uniti Star

More Information

Click here to learn more about the award winning GAIA isolators and how they work.

Try the IsoAcoustics Online calculator to find the right IsoAcoustics products for your setup.

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