Iso-Tips: Are My Hi-Fi Speakers GAIA Compatible?

For those of you who haven’t been introduced – GAIA is our range of threaded decoupling isolators designed for Hi-Fi floor-standing speakers as a versatile alternative to carpet spikes. The technology provides a high degree of isolation from whilst resisting lateral movement, giving the listener improved clarity and perfect alignment during playback.

While all Hi-Fi speakers exhibit some oscillation during operation, their underlying surfaces may cause internal reflections to become centred causing a phenomenon known as smear. GAIA’s isolating design principles neatly avoids the problem keeping the soundstage intact and enabling a more three dimensional and natural sound.

With every track, I consistently heard tighter bass and lower midrange, with greater focus and depth…

Home Theater Review, March 2018

Are my speakers a fit?

One of the questions we get most often is about compatibility across different speaker brands and models.

Whilst many speaker manufacturers across the world subscribe to a handful of standard thread measurements, innovative engineering styles and design aesthetics over the years have resulted in a number of different spike thread types being introduced.

As part of IsoAcoustics’ mission to bring proper isolation to the greatest number of listeners possible, we launched our own comprehensive range of Thread Adaptors to cater for even the most esoteric speaker designs.

The GAIA extended family

A selection of the Hi-Fi speaker brands currently compatible with our GAIA range of decoupling isolators:

Brands A – JBrands J – MBrands P – Z
Acoustic EnergyJBLPioneer
Acoustic ZenJPWPlatinum Audio
Aerial AcousticsKEFPMC
AmphionKharma ElegancePolk Audio
Anthony Gallo AcousticsKii AudioProAc
Audio NoteKudosRBH
Audio PhysicLegacyRevel
Avalon AcousticLinn LoudspeakersRuark
AxiomLiving VoiceRyan
Blumenhofer AcousticMagicoScansonic
Boston AcousticsMagnatSilverline
Bower & WilkinsMagneplanSonus Faber
BrystonManger AudioSoundlab
Cerwin VegaMartin LoganSpendor
Daedalus AudioMeridianTannoy
Definitive TechnologyMissionThiel
DeVore FidelityMonitor AudioTidal
DynaudioNeat AcousticsTotem
ElacNewForm ResearchTrenner & Friedl
Emerald PhysicsNhtVandersteen
FocalNoesisVerity Audio
Golden Ear TechnologyOperaVon Schweikert
Highland AudioParadigmWilson Benesch
HyperionPhase Tech.Yamaha
InfinityPhilharmonic AudioZu Audio


There’s my brand! Which adaptor do I need?

Head over to our IsoAcoustics Calculator Tool for an instant match with the correct GAIA model and adaptor tailored to suit your specific hi-fi speaker brand and model.

My brand / model isn’t listed!

Don’t worry – even at the time of writing, our GAIA-compatible portfolio is growing by the minute. Get in touch to find the correct thread for your speaker type, and we can also introduce you to your nearest GAIA-authorised Hi-Fi dealer.

Even more customising options

Carpet Spikes – For users with thicker carpets and available in three sizes to fit each of the three GAIA models, our specially designed Carpet Spikes aim to give your isolators optimum stability even on high-pile carpeted surfaces.

Vanity Caps – Specifically for Focal Sopra users, the Sopra Vanity Caps elegantly obscure the top of your GAIA stud spikes from view for a more consistent pitch-black aesthetic.

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