Incredible DELOS Review by Hi-Fi Voice

Daniel Březina recently sat down with IsoAcoustics DELOS platforms to give an objective review on the 1815W1 and 1815W2 models. Here’s what he had to say:

“Canadian IsoAcoustics are experts in vibration elimination, building their technologies and results on years of studio accessories production. It is not so long since they decided to transform their know-how into a more luxuriously conceived product for home audio technology, where the appearance can be significantly more than among professionals. One of the latest additions to the catalog are DELOS pads, or platforms with IsoAcoustics technology intended primarily for turntables.”

IsoAcoustics DELOS platform with integrated Isolation

“The fact that Canadian IsoAcoustics has working technologies to suppress vibrations in all parts of the audio chain is probably not surprising. However, the fact that, in addition to somewhat industrially useful products, it can also be applied to elegant solid wood , is a pleasing novelty. DELOS anti-vibration bases are a very nice addition to the interior, you can choose the desired size and thickness, among other things (although our practical test showed that under the same turntable was the difference in the result, but not completely dramatic), so there is a good chance that you do not go DELOS ideal just for your turntable (or of course another component – even under the D / A converter RME ADI-2 DAC FSsome minor effect).

We tested both DELOS bases in an editorial environment, primarily under VPI Scout and Rega Planar 1 turntables , but also under RME ADI-2 DAC FS and other components. In the first case, the boards were on a table made of 5 cm of solid wood, in the second on the glass boards of the Norstone Stäbbl rack.

IsoAcoustics DELOS Isolation Platform

The double bass in Charlie Haden’s “My Old Flame ” (“Last Dance” | 2014 | ECM | ECM 2399) sounded paradoxically a bit more flexible and richer on the smaller of the two models. The transformation is not revolutionary, but easily noticeable in the form of a more concrete, more physical tone with clearly better separation. Especially if you decide to turn the volume really to the right, the effect will be really real.

The voice of the LP in “Muddy Waters” (“Lost on You” | 2017 | Vagrant | 538284881) sounded significantly more in front of the instruments on the mat, the difference between the two versions was not great. But again, especially from the middle volume up, you feel that the vocals are more complex, that they are less “blurred” and simply better clearer.

The big drum in “Lion in Winter” by Bee Gees (“Trafalgar” | 1971 | MFSL | MFSL 1-263) was then definitely firmer and more emphatic, each shot is more tight and significantly better demarcated. In dynamics, it is as if the thicker board provided better functionality, better insulation of the portable and thus more accurate reproduction with more energy. It’s an impressive result, the music has a bigger drive.

IsoAcoustics DELOS Turntable Isolation Platform

It is definitely gratifying that the news is not only an elegant addition, but really also functional, especially the improvement on bass and midrange is very clear and will support the performance of the fragile gramophone chain. At least for us, the contribution of both thicknesses of the DELOS base was so convincing that from now on both versions remain part of the editorial sets.”

Březina ended his article with this final review of the DELOS platforms


+ nice workmanship

+ audible benefit especially with turntables

+ choice of different sizes


– virtually nothing, it’s an elegant and functional solution”

For more information on IsoAcoustics and the DELOS, click here.

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