IsoAcoustics OREA Series Wins 2021-2022 Stereo+ Product of The Year Award

IsoAcoustics is excited to announce that our OREA Series was featured in the latest January 2022 publication of the Stereo+ magazine and received the Product Of The Year Award for 2021-2022.

Stereo+’s Thoughts On The OREA

The reviewer,  after admittedly being skeptical of the OREA’s due to previous disappointment with testing other speaker feet, had this to say about their performance:

I think the sound is getting so much better that I think there is hardly anything within the corresponding price that gives the same improvement IsoAcoustics OREA insulation feet you simply have to try. Maybe It’s the best investment in audio you’ve made in years.

IsoAcoustics OREA being used underneath a speaker


What is the OREA?

The cylindrically shaped isolation feet are simply placed underneath your audio equipment like Amplifiers, DAC’s, CD Players, Speakers, and Turntables. Like the rest of our product line, the OREAs work to reduce vibrations created by your sound equipment which makes for a more clear and natural sound. The OREA Series offers 4 different models, each with a different weight capacity to support the different sizes of various audio equipment.

To learn more about the OREA Series, click here.


If you want to find which IsoAcoustics isolation device is best suited for your speaker, you can use our free product selection wizard. Use this tool by simply finding and selecting your audio device’s make and model. The wizard will then provide a quick summary about your device along with a recommended IsoAcoustics product to suit your needs.


Read the full publication here

To explore the full IsoAcoustics product line, click here.

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