Modular Series

Custom Configurable Modular Series Acoustic Isolation Stands


Perfecting Sound

If you want the best, most dynamic sound for your home audio system, the award winning IsoAcoustics Modular Aluminum System is a must-have.

Sound is a delicate wave, easily distorted and muddied by objects near it. In order to reach its most perfect state, sound needs to breathe. The Modular Aluminum System for larger speakers, up to 600 lbs or more, allows sound to flow so easily that your speakers will almost disappear. These stands face a challenging technical feat as the higher the weight of the speaker, the higher the motive forces.

The Modular Aluminum System provides the high degree of isolation in a very simple configuration with upper and lower isolators connected by a vertical cylinder, while the upper flange of the upper isolators adhere to the speaker, like suction-cups, as the lower flanges adhere to the supporting surface.

Tuned and biased towards the listening position, the Modular Aluminum System resists speaker cabinet oscillations in any other direction, resulting in a soundstage of superior focus and clarity of sound.



IsoAcoustics solutions can be developed for challenging situations and can also be integrated into floor stands, millwork and soffits.


IsoAcoustics Modular Aluminum stands aren’t just for speakers but also add kick and color to subwoofers whether for home, studio or live stage performances. Tight and solid, the bass can be pushed to the limit without any buzzing or smearing and cloudiness of sound.

Studio Monitors

The IsoAcoustics Modular Aluminum stands increase the quality of sound in studio monitors too. Based on the studio monitors weight, the isolators are attached and can be positioned on top of desks, meter bridges, floor stands or integrated in to floor stands or soffits. Whether steel, granite or on a wooden frame or table top, the Modular Aluminum stand whisks away distortion revealing pure, crisp sound.

Large applications and live sound

The Modular Aluminum system can be configured for large applications including sound reinforcement, subwoofers, guitar/bass amps and drum risers to mitigate the transfer of structure borne noise while providing a stable isolation platform to enhance sound clarity.


product selection calculator

IsoAcoustics Modular systems are configured to maximize the sound of each individual set of speakers. Every model is tuned for your speakers’ given weight and size range. A configurable system, Modular Aluminum takes your specific parameters and determines the optimal number of isolators required for an application. We provide an On-Line Calculator with a database of speakers, studio monitors, guitar amps, etc., by category so you can determine the optimal structure. If your particular speakers aren’t in the database, enter the physical details such as width, depth and weight, and the Calculator will present the proper requirements.

We also offer a comprehensive analysis from our highly trained IsoAcoustics team, which will be reviewed and sent back with recommendations and a cost estimate.

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