New Stage 1 Board

Portable isolation platform for Guitar/Bass Combo Amps, Stage Monitors & Subwoofers


Superior isolation, sound clarity and consistency

The New Stage 1 Board is a portable isolation platform that decouples guitar/bass amps, keyboard amps, stage monitors and subwoofers from the stage while improving the sound clarity and the bass punch in a performance. This portable solution will provide consistency in studio, at home and from one stage to the next.


Dimensions (WxDxH)
25” x 10” x 1.85″ (63.5cm x 25.4cm x 4.7cm)
Weight capacity
100lbs (45kg) per board
Rugged ABS polymer
1 Board per box


Same benefits, increased performance

With built-in isolators, the New Stage 1 Board is a single unit that offers the same benefits as the previous Stage 1 Board when combined with the isolators (sold separately).

The New Stage 1 Board includes grip tape which can be used to provide a stronger connection between the amp and the board.

The New Stage 1 Board can accommodate a speaker up to 100 lbs (45 kg) in weight, giving musician’s consistency in their sound night after night, with added clarity and bass punch in their performance.

Enjoy consistent results every time you play.

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product selection calculator

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Patented isolation technology

Learn about our patented isolation technology, and the science behind the sound.


Two strips of grip tape are included with the NEW STAGE 1 BOARD which can be applied to the top of the board to provide a better connection between the board and the amp. The tape should be aligned with the existing feet of the amplifier. Please ensure that the surface of the board is clean before applying the tape to the board.
Yes, Stage 1 provide the same benefits when used on carpet.
The NEW STAGE 1 BOARD is a single unit with built-in isolators. The previous STAGE 1 BOARD required purchasing the STAGE 1 isolators (sold separately). The NEW STAGE 1 BOARD also comes with grip tape which can be applied to the top of the board to provide a better connection between the board and the amp.
The specified weight limits are determined based on the performance curves. The products are able to support additional weight without harm, but the isolation performance is beginning to decline above the specified weights.
We recommend measuring the distance between the existing feet of your amp and comparing that with the dimensions of the New Stage 1 Board to ensure the amp will fit on the board. The IsoAcoustics online calculator is also a great resource to determine if the New Stage 1 Board is recommended for your amp. Any further questions can be submitted through the online calculator and a representative from IsoAcoustics will respond.



Combine with Stage 1 Isolators to create an isolation platform for improved sound clarity. Board only.


For Guitar/Bass Combo Amps,
Stacked 4-12 Cabinets,
Stage Monitors & Subwoofers.