Stage 1

For Guitar/Bass Combo Amps,
Stacked 4-12 Cabinets,
Stage Monitors & Subwoofers


Consistent sound from one venue to the next

The Stage 1 isolators effectively eliminate the vibrational variables that touring musicians experience while playing onstage in a variety of venues and locations, enabling them to have consistent, clear sound night after night. Enjoy Consistent results with greater sound clarity and focus, every time you play.

Awesome Sound. Stage to stage. Studio and home.

The isolators are rated for up to 200lbs (90 kg) per set of four and are designed for equipment ranging from small bass combo amps to stacked 4-12 cabinets.


Dimensions (WxH)
3.5” x 1.7” (90mm x 42mm)
Weight Capacity
200lbs (91kg) per set of 4
4 per box


installation options


Fastened directly to the bottom of the cabinet

Remove any existing feet and fasten the Stage 1 isolators directly to the bottom of the Guitar/Bass amps, cabinets, subwoofer or stage monitors using the supplied fasteners.


Combined with Stage 1 Board

Create a portable isolation platform using the Stage 1 Board (available separately).


Combined with DIY plywood board

Create an isolation platform by installing the isolators on plywood, cut to the appropriate size.

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Patented isolation technology

Learn about our patented isolation technology, and the science behind the sound.

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The Stage 1 isolators are installed on the amplifier cabinet using small wood screws that are included with the Stage 1 isolators. The existing feet should be removed, or the Stage 1 isolators can be positioned beside the existing feet.
We recommend you check our online calculator first to see if we have a recommendation specifically for your model of speaker, monitor, sub or equipment. If not, then we suggest reviewing our Product Guide to help you quickly learn the features and specs for our various models of stands. If you have any uncertainty, please do not hesitate to submit an inquiry through the “Contact” section of our website. Someone will respond by email usually within 24 hours with a recommendation.
Yes, Stage 1 provide the same benefits when used on carpet.
The specified weight limits are determined based on the performance curves. The products are able to support additional weight without harm, but the isolation performance is beginning to decline above the specified weights.

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Portable isolation platform for Guitar/Bass Combo Amps, Stage Monitors & Subwoofers.


Combine with Stage 1 Isolators to create an isolation platform for improved sound clarity. Board only.

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