OREA vs. ISO-Puck Series: 4 Key Differences

OREA underneath a speaker next to ISO-PUCK underneath another speaker

At IsoAcoustics, we are often asked about the differences between the OREA Series and ISO-PUCK Series. Both product lines feature disc-shaped isolators that work simply by being placed underneath your audio equipment of choice, however, there are a few differences worth noting.

Weight Capacity/Performance Curves

The OREA series isolators are tuned to work over narrower weight ranges and will provide a slightly stronger sonic benefit in it’s range than the ISO-PUCKs. The more effective isolation results in more sound clarity and focus. The OREA series features 4 models which offer 4lbs (1.8kg), 8lbs (3.6kg), 16lbs (7.2kg), and 32lbs (14.5kg) weight capacities per unit.

The ISO-Pucks series will work over a wider weight range, but do not provide the same performance level as the OREAs. ISO-PUCK series features 3 models which offer different weight capacities, coming in at 6lbs (2.75kg), 20lbs (9kg), and 40lbs (18kg) per unit

Below are performance curves comparing the OREA series with each model of ISO-Puck.

performance curves OREA vs ISO-Puck mini audio isolation

performance curve orea vs iso-puck audio isolation

performance curve orea vs iso-puck 76 audio isolation


OREA Graphite, Bronze, Indigo and Bordeaux

The OREA’s are designed for Home Audio and have a more “classy” appearance with their stainless steel housing. Each model within the OREA series has a different color ring to help identify the model (Graphite, Bronze, indigo and Bordeaux)

ISO-Puck models

The ISO-Pucks are designed for Pro Audio and have a matte black metal housing. The ISO-Puck series are most commonly used with studio monitors, guitar amps and other audio equipment which are often black in color. The ISO-Puck mini, ISO-Puck and ISO-Puck 76 each have a different color ring which are red, silver and purple.

Package Quantities

The OREA models are sold individually to allow more flexibility. The OREA models are often used with speakers or audio equipment. 3 or more OREA units can be used at a time depending on the weight they are supporting

The ISO-Puck mini comes with 8 isolators per box, which is the required quantity for a pair of lighter studio monitors. The ISO-Puck and ISO-Puck 76 come with 2 isolators per box.


Pricing will vary depending on the country, but in general, the price per unit for the ISO-Puck models is less expensive than the OREA series. The OREA’s provide better results within their specified weight limits, but the ISO-Pucks would be considered a more cost-effective solution.


If you would like to view the dimensions and weight capacity in more depth, click here for the OREA series or here for the ISO-PUCK Series.

Alternatively, you can use our online product selection wizard to find the right product for your exact audio equipment. Simply select your equipment’s type, make, and model, and the wizard will find the right product for you.

To view either of these product series in video, see our YouTube Channel.

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