IsoAcoustics zaZen II – Wins 2021 Writers Choice Award from Positive Feedback

zaZen II Award IsoAcoustics

The 18th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2021 published on December 9th, 2021 hosted a wide selection of critic picks.  Larry Cox awarded his selection to the IsoAcoustics zaZen II isolation platform. This is what Larryhad to say:

“An isolation device designed for turntables and other devices that vibrate—what in audio doesn’t—you select the Isoacoustic model based on the weight it will be supporting. Many lighter weight turntables will be fine with the ZaZen I, (up to 25 lbs.) but my 35 pound table was better matched with the ZaZen II, (up to 40 lbs.). Do you have a heavier turntable? Look at the more costly, but not necessarily more appropriate Delos models. I imagine that devices that aren’t within the sweet spot of the Isoacoustics product won’t extract all the Canadian product can offer.”

IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation platform Award

“Vibration damping can be a mixed bag. Added to an overdamped setup, that can be a problem. Added to an underdamped and it could be “just right.” I found it difficult to unwind exactly what the Zazen II Isolation platform did, just damp… or what. Its effect in use was non-obvious, but at the moment of taking it out or putting it in, there was a noticeable, and welcome, difference. Overtime, whatever its colorations might be, they seemed broad band enough that their impact was not evident when in use. That’s a good sign. I returned the review sample and wish I’d kept it. Living like a spendthrift for a year had me clutch my purse strings, perhaps too soon. I hope to investigate their Gaia speaker footers.”

zaZen (sitting meditation) is a stable isolation platform designed for turntables, tube amps and other sensitive audio equipment. The combination of the platform mass and the integrated IsoAcoustics isolation technology allows audio gear to reveal greater acoustic clarity and detail. The zaZen is available in 2 sizes: zaZen I with a weight capacity of 25lbs (11.3kg) and the zaZen II with a weight capacity of 40lbs (18.1kg).

The zaZen isolation platforms are the latest addition to the award winning family of isolation products from IsoAcoustics. The zaZen provides a stable isolation platform with a low noise floor, designed for turntables and audio components.


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