Audiograde Awards IsoAcoustics GAIA with Editor’s Pick Award

IsoAcoustics is proud to announce that Audiograde, a reviewer of the Hifi Audio and Music industry has recently awarded the GAIA Series with the Editor’s Pick Award.

The mission of Audiograde is to share their opinions and explanations about the best and most exciting hifi available, while celebrating the musical experiences this gives us. The review was very comprehensive and included his review of using the GAIA with both his  VPI Scout 1.1 turntable and the Dynaudio Focus 260 speakers.

Here are some quotes from the article released on Monday, November 29th, 2021.



This exploded diagram shows the upper and lower elastomer isolators, joined by a solid internal connector

“Inside each foot is where the magic really happens. The GAIA III’s internals consist of top and bottom isolators made from a resilient synthetic elastomer material and a connector that’s formed from a solid material. The isolation results from how the three parts work together through their shape, durometer (hardness) and material characteristics, to absorb vibrations and then dissipate this captured energy as heat.”

Dynaudio IsoAcoustics GAIA


“…Gone is any sense of overhang or bloom that can creep into the Dynaudios’ performance at over-healthy volume levels if their positioning is not bang on. It’s as though the GAIAs have taken my speakers to one side for a quiet word, telling them to up their game, by generating the same rich and deep low end I’m used to hearing but with greater grip.”

IsoAcoustics VPI isolation

True Colours

“…with the GAIA IIIs in tow, there’s an increased sense of three dimensionality to the music. Twangy guitar notes sound better formed with greater body, while instruments are less holographic, as though a layer of transparency has been filled with richer colours”

Raise the roof

“As someone who has flitted between suspended and non-suspended decks and their pros and cons for years, the GAIA IIIs add a degree of the best of both worlds to the VPI. The ease of use and sheer grip on the music is retained in full while its top end and midrange is opened up that bit more, elevating it to the next level and beyond its price bracket.

With the opening and title tracks from London Grammar’s Californian Soil in full flow, never have I heard Hannah Reid sound so real and energised in my system. My tweeters may be 20mm higher than usual due to the GAIA IIIs being that much taller than my Dyns’ standard spikes, but this distance is tiny in comparison to how far my GAIA III footed VPI and Dynaudios lift her voice to soar high into my listening room, as though the ceiling has also been raised a few feet.”

Audiograde Editor's Pick

In Summary

“While many rivals in the accessories space have seemingly similar offerings, IsoAcoustics GAIA III are a cut above average. Superbly built and finished, this is a quality product that will enhance your system’s sound and looks.

Adding them to loudspeakers will benefit your whole system, and for owners of legacy VPI turntables and the like, these are the upgrade we’ve been waiting for.”

Read the full article here

For more information on the GAIA series, click here

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