Isolation stands for large speakers and studio monitors


About ISO-200
speaker stands

The ISO-200 isolation stand is 7.8” (200mm) wide x 10” (255mm) depth and is rated for monitors weighing up to 60lbs. The ISO Stands are the latest generation of IsoAcoustics stands designed for studio monitors.

The ISO Stands are an updated version of the popular ISO-L8R series and features a lower profile, new frame design and a newer version of isolator for improved performance.
Offering 14 variations of height and tilt, the ISO-200 will help you optimize the placement of your monitors and bring your tweeters to ear level.

The IsoAcoustics patented isolation system provides superior isolation and decoupling from the supporting surface. The stands are biased to keep all energy in alignment with the speaker cones, providing greater clarity and focus.



Dimensions Short Setting (WxDxH)
7.8” x 10” x 3.75 (200mm x 255mm x 95mm)
Dimensions Tall Setting (WxDxH)
7.8” x 10” x 8.5 (200mm x 255mm x 215mm)
up to 6.5 degrees
Weight Cap Short setting
75lbs (34KG)
Weight Cap Tall setting
60lbs (27KG)
2 Stands (1 Pair)


Optimize speaker placement and focus

An important aspect of the speaker stand design is the ability to adjust the height and tilt angle of the supported speaker enclosure to optimize its position relative to the listener and eliminate soundwave reflections off the supporting surface.

In a typical Desktop Audio Workstation (DAW) configuration, the listener is positioned 3 to 4 feet from the monitors with ear level approximately 20″ above the work surface. Raising and tilting the monitors to the optimum position can be achieved in these circumstances using the IsoAcoustics stands.

Patented IsoAcoustics Isolation

Exciting the supporting surface

The isolators manage the energy of the speaker to reduce vibrations resonating through the supporting surface to eliminate dissonant sounds in the listening area or joining rooms.

Reducing internal reflections

Internal reflections are vibrations reflecting back up the speaker cabinet which causes smear. Smear is a result of artifacts replicated in both channels which are perceived to be in the middle, causing the stereo image to collapse. The IsoAcoustics isolators reduce internal reflections to eliminate smear. The result is an improved stereo image of natural spatial sound.

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Patented isolation technology

Learn about our patented isolation technology, and the science behind the sound.


The Aperta has moved another step forward in terms of design, aesthetics, quality, and performance.

The ISO Stand Series was developed for the pro audio industry for users ranging from audio professionals to music hobbyists. In a desktop situation, typically our ears are about 20 inches above the desk. The ISO-Stand Series offers 14 variations of height and tilt adjustment to optimize the placement of your speakers. The kit comes with 2 different lengths of tubes, offering varying levels of height as well as spacers to allow you to tilt the stands up to 6.5 degrees in either direction. The frames of the ISO-Stands are made of high-impact ABS and the poles are made of stainless steel. The ISO-Stand products come in a black finish.

While the ISO-Stand series is designed for nearfield studio monitors, the Aperta series was created for the home audio market with bookshelf and center channel speakers. Made of aluminum, they have more of a stylized look to them and are considered a more premium product. The Aperta series does not have a taller height setting because, in a typical home audio setting, the height adjustment is not often beneficial because of the greater distance between the listening position and the speakers. The Aperta stands offer 6.5 degrees of tilt by allowing you to “dial-in” your desired angle using the built-in adjustment. The isolators used in the Aperta’s have been redesigned and the frames of the stands are stiffer resulting in further refined performance. The Aperta’s are offered in two colors, black, and aluminum.

We recommend measuring the dimensions of the ISO-Stands against the flat bottom surface of your monitors to verify how they will fit. The monitors should be the same size or larger than the stand. A few inches of overhang are acceptable. We recommend using our online calculator to determine which ISO-Stand model is the best fit for your monitors. If you are not certain which model is the best fit, you can submit an inquiry to IsoAcoustics for review. A representative from IsoAcoustics will review the details and respond to confirm which model is recommended.

The new ISO-Stand series has 3 main differences compared to the ISO-L8R series.

1) In the lower setting (using the short poles) the new ISO series of stands have a lower profile compared to the ISO-L8R models.

2) The ISO-Stand Series features a new frame design with an improved look.

3) The ISO-Stand Series has a newer version of the isolator with improved performance.

The ISO-200SUB is intended for subwoofers. The ISO-200SUB is sold as a single unit, comes only with short tubes (long tubes are not included) and the ISO-200SUB does not include inserts for tilt. The ISO-200 is sold in pairs and includes the poles and inserts required for height and tilt adjustment.

For best results, we recommend positioning the stands with the IsoAcoustics logo facing forward, in the same direction as the drivers. We do not recommend rotating the stands 90 degrees. The IsoAcoustics patented isolators are directional. They are shaped with an internal taper and concave that prevents off-axis movements and keeps the energy on-axis and aligned with the direction of the transducer’s travel. Alternatively, the stands can be rotated 180 degrees so that the logo is not visible.

Sometimes air can get trapped inside the isolators which cause the tubes to not be seated properly and ultimately the frames will be uneven. We recommend taking the stand apart, pulling the tubes out of the top and bottom frames (you can leave the inserts inside the tubes for tilting). Put the tubes inside the bottom frame and push them in firmly so they are properly seated. Then take the top frame and set it in place. One by one go around and apply pressure to the top and bottom isolator pushing them together. You will want to go around 3 or 4 times, each time applying more pressure. This is the best way to ensure that the air is allowed to properly escape.



Isolation stands for small speakers and studio monitors.


Isolation stands for medium sized speakers and studio monitors.


Acoustic Isolation Stand for Subwoofers.


Isolation stands for Studio Monitors, Guitar, Bass and Other Instrument Amplifiers.

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