Frank Filipetti Letter to IsoAcoustics…M2 stands are simply da BOMB!!!

Grammy Award winning Producer & Engineer, Frank Filipetti, sent me a letter commenting on his IsoAcoustics stands. Frank is using ISO-L8R155’s for his JBL 305’s and the Modular Aluminum stands for is 5.1 setup of JBL M2’s.

 “Just want you to know that the M2 stands are simply da BOMB!!!. And if you’re “All About That Bass”…wow!!!.”

The following letter was attached:
January 21 2015
Dave Morrison

Dear Dave,

I’ve been using the IsoAcoustics stands for several years now, both on my small near fields (JBL 305’s) and my larger mid fields (JBL M2’s). From my perspective they are the most elegant solution to an age-old problem. Clearly, proper positioning of one’s monitors is essential in getting the best sound. And yet this has been neglected by many “pros” in the business. We spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to find the right monitor. We even spend hundreds if not thousands on cables for that monitor. But we’ll put them up either on a console-mounted placeholder or on less than stable floor stands. No thought is ever given to how the speakers couple to the console or the stand. There have been several good and reasonably effective solutions to this problem, but none so completely successful or as versatile as the IsoAcoustics. Indeed, as a cost performance issue, I can’t think of dollars better spent than on the IsoAcoustics. With the clever and innovative engineering behind these stands you have control over coupling, height, AND vertical angle of the drivers. No other solution is as comprehensive and/or flexible. And by the way…they look great as well!



many thanks Frank..!!

Frank Filipetti and IsoAcoustics speaker isolation
Frank Filipetti and IsoAcoustics speaker isolation

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