The Aperta Series vs. The ISO-Stand Series: 3 Key Differences

Aperta vs ISO-Stand being used underneath two speakers for comparision

At IsoAcoustics, we are often asked how the Aperta series compare to the ISO-Stand Series. While the Aperta and ISO-Stand series look and function similarly, there are some key differences that should be considered in order to make the right choice for you and your speakers.


The Aperta has moved forward another step in terms of design, aesthetics, quality and performance. The Aperta is made of a cast aluminum frame that is much more solid and rigid, and includes a newer version of our patented isolator, which has improved performance. The sculpted Aperta series frame is more slim and sleek because of the strength and rigidity of the aluminum. The ISO-Stand frames are made of high-impact ABS and the poles from stainless steel with a black powder coat finish.

The Aperta’s are offered in Black or Aluminum colors, while the ISO-Stand’s only come in a Black finish.

Tilt Adjustment

The ISO-Stands feature both height and tilt adjustment capabilities, while the Aperta stands only offer tilt adjustment.

The ISO-Stands were primarily designed for near field monitors which are generally positioned closer to the listening position, so the height adjustment is often required to focus the speakers to ear level. To optimize the placement of your speakers for the proper listening position, each ISO-Stand kit comes with 2 different lengths of tube inserts to offer 14 variations of height and tilt adjustment.

On the other hand, the Aperta series are more often used with bookshelf and center channel speakers which are traditionally positioned further from the listener. The Aperta does not have height adjustment capabilities because, in a typical home audio setting, the greater distance between the listening position and the speakers allows for tilt adjustments to be sufficient. The Aperta Stands also feature a unique integrated tilt adjustment for much more precise height selection to  properly “dial-in” your desired angle.

Aperta Integrated Tilt Adjustment









ISO-Series Tilt & Height Adjustment Tubes


Both the ISO-Stand and Aperta Series offer several different models to accommodate small, medium and large speakers. While the Aperta and Aperta200 stands have similar dimensions and weight capacities to the ISO-155 and ISO-200 Stands respectively, other stands in the series’ will fit certain speakers better. For example, the ISO-130 Stand is smaller and can be used for speakers or monitors too small for the Aperta or ISO-150 Stands.

If you would like to view the dimensions and weight capacity in more depth, click here for the ISO-Stands series or here for the Aperta Series.

Alternatively, you can use our online product selection wizard to find the right stand for your exact audio equipment. Simply select your equipment’s type, make, and model, and the calculator will find the right product for you.

To view either of these product series in video, see our YouTube Channel.

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