IsoAcoustics GAIA Demo Video: Can they hear the difference?

IsoAcoustics GAIA video

We setup a demo with 2 sets of Focal Sopra N2 speakers in a studio in Toronto. We had random people come in and we recorded their reaction as we switched between the speakers on IsoAcoustics GAIA isolators and the speakers on spikes.

YouTube video

The Background Story:

Participants were picked at random to participate in a recorded review for an audio product. The participants did not know anything about the product before they arrived.

The participants had the opportunity to listen to their favorite songs in a beautiful loft studio in Toronto. Two sets of identical Focal N2 premium high end speakers were setup and carefully positioned equally. One set was on the factory spikes and the other was on the award winning IsoAcoustics GAIA isolators. Using a remote, the signal was switched between the speakers on the left side on spikes and the speakers on the right side on the IsoAcoustics GAIA isolators.

High-res music was streamed on the Naim Uniti Atom and amplified by the Naim SuperNait 3. From the amplifier, the audio signal past through a switch which controlled which set of speakers received the signal using a remote. Each set of speakers were carefully positioned equally, and each used the same components and lumina speaker cables.

Participants were all very surprised by the difference that the IsoAcoustics GAIA isolators made to improve the sound clarity and openness.

Here are some key reactions and comments from participants:

“It sounds like they’re different speakers.”

“The mids became a lot more pronounced.”

“There’s definitely an improvement in clarity.”

“It fills up the whole room. I can hear everything.”

“Even a person that hasn’t been in this game for 20 years can hear the difference between the two.”

IsoAcoustics GAIA Awards:


Speakers and components used in Demo:

Focal Sopra N2 Loudspeakers

Naim SuperNait 3

Naim Uniti Star

More Information

Click here to learn more about the award winning GAIA isolators and how they work.

Try the IsoAcoustics Online calculator to find the right IsoAcoustics products for your setup.

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