Recap: Show Us Your GAIA’s Giveaway

On July 26, 2022 IsoAcoustics was proud to announce our first ever Photo Contest Giveaway. The ‘Show Us Your GAIA’s Giveaway’ contest winners would win a prize of 4 units of the OREA model of their choosing. Fans could participate by posting a photo of their GAIA set-up to either Facebook or Instagram and tagging it with #ISOFANS. There were two winners: one for best photo and one lucky draw.

Our winner for the best ‘Show Us Your GAIA’s’ photo went to Carlos with this photo of his audio setup.

Upon receiving his set of 4 OREA’s Carlos was kind enough to send us some photos showing how he implemented them into his set up, as well as a review. Carlos had this to say:

“OREA’s in the house! These things are top engineering!

I’ll be honest with you, for the power amp, I wouldn’t expect great influence (but I aimed for the amp, since it was the only gear yet with the original feet, due to the uneven weight distribution).

I’m yet absorbing the differences and want this to settle a little more but it is quite remarkable what it brings to the table.”

Our winner for the Lucky Draw went to Tony with this photo of his Magico speakers coupled with the GAIA’s.

Here are some honorable mentions; posts from contestants who have wonderful set-ups!


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