Streaky Takes A Dive Into The GAIA Series

Streaky is one of Europe’s leading mastering engineers. In these videos, Streaky draws on over 25 years in the music industry to give his unique take on all things recording, mixing and mastering.

Streaky only uses high end analogue equipment as he feels it offers him the feel and musicality required after all the current digital processing. This has earned him a reputation for achieving a sound beyond the commercial norm.

This week, Streaky reviews the IsoAcoustics GAIA series with his Kii Three BXT speakers. In his video you will find a great demonstration of the capabilities of the GAIA series in action. Hear the difference yourself in the A/B demo recorded by Streaky.  Additionally, you will find a great look at how the GAIA’s are to be installed, placed in accordance with the rest of your set up, and how powerful of a difference they make in your listening experience.

For more information on Streaky, Click Here for the full video.

For more information on the GAIA Series, Click Here.

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